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Let us tell you a story about an estate
that is reborn with its grandchildren

The wine cellar

An old silk farm…
…From silkworm to wine glasses

Ask around what a "Magnaneraie" is and only a few people will be able to answer. This type of building is linked to an activity that hasn't been practiced in France for a long time : the breeding of silkworms!

"Like in these cocoons from which emerged butterflies, our wines transform in their tanks to come out metamorphosed..."

Domaine de chantegut - La magnaneraie
Boutique Domaine de Chantegut

The renovation

Our building dates back to the 17th century, almost three centuries of existence. So inevitably, it was necessary to give it a little refreshing so that it could continue to stand with us and host events on the estate.

At the beginning, our grandmother was selling bottles in a small room of her house !
Now we have a store :)

The succession

Because we love family stories
that never end.

This is the story of a succession that repeats itself. At fist, it was Uncle Pierre who took over. He did great, for sure. It was in '74; he was supposed to become a pharmacist, but he changed his mind just in time to prevent the estate from being sold and to keep it an independent small estate

Today it's us, Anne-Sophie and Matthieu, who are taking over again. And just like our uncle did back then, we have left everything to ensure continuity. We’re proud to allow the estate to remain independent !

1959 Our grandparents
1981 Uncle Pierre
2020 Anne-Sophie & Matthieu

Nowadays, we have planted new wines
and are in the middle
of converting to organic.

By your side, or nothing at all

Events that make the community throb

At the estate

In the cellar, the wines rest peacefully. Meanwhile, we party upstairs with locals and visitors, as often as possible.

For wine lovers, we organize tastings and thematic days.

Where are our vineyards?
At the foot of Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail.

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