Les vins

Red - White - Rosé

Red - White - Rosé

Proud to work with Vacqueyras wines and see that the world is starting to discover them.

« One of the few vineyards to produce a white Vacqueyras, how special ! »

Vacqueyras rosé 2020



Vacqueyras Rouge La magnaneraie


Vacqueyras Rouge Cles de la magnaneraie



In our small village in Vaucluse, wines are born that enliven the tables!

« As if you were biting into the fruit. »

Côtes du Rhône rouge 2020

Côtes du Rhône

Red - White - Rosé

Grenache and Chardonnay, varieties of wine that have the perfect scent of the Mediterranean

« And each year, the rosé still stands out »

Red Vacqueyras

Médaille argent concours général agricole Paris 2016
Médailles vignerons indépendants 2018
Médaille argent feminalise Paris 2021

Red Vacqueyras
Les clés de la magnaneraie

Médaille or vignerons independants 2020
Médaille or feminalise Paris 2020

White Vacqueyras

Médaille Jancis Robinson

magine 600-liter large wooden barrels:
there is some terroir in there, for sure !

Where to find our wines ?

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