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Road to organic

Terroir above all

The vine

to organic.

All of our processes are organic since September 2021, and the wine will have the certification label shortly. We have always wanted to intervene as little as possible, with responsible farming. So, the entire family naturally adhered to this transition.

Emmanuel Gagnepain, the king of biodynamic winemaking, is assisting us.

Vin biologique
Vegetation cover to protect the soil ♥ Use of local manure ♥ Mechanical weeding

Why converting to organic farming ?

So that our children can know how birdsongs sound like

Convinced that terroir needs freedom to assert itself in wine, we want to let it express itself to the fullest. A vibrant, vigorous terroir is our responsibility as winemakers to keep alive. It is a legacy for future generations.

Our finest bottles

« The less interventionist we are in the vineyards,
the more successful we are in letting the wine find its own way »

Vinification and Maturation

Our particularity is a type of oak barrels called « demi-muids ». After many trials with different coopers, we fell in love with this beautiful discovery. In our family, we appreciate the subtlety of the blends that this large surface area allows between the wine and the wood.

« Only a handful of winemakers age their wines in these large barrels »

Alicia, Cellar Master



du rhônes

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